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DHTMLX JavaPlanner is a rich Ajax-powered web control for Java
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28 October 2013

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It is a calendar cum planner based on Java.

DHTMLX JavaPlanner is a web calendar control with Ajax loading. It can offer desktop-like user experience. It supports intuitive drag-n-drop interface. You would be able to add full-featured event calendars, booking systems, job schedulers, task managers, etc. These features could easily be added to Java applications you develop. Additional features like multiple views, drag-and-drop, touch screen support, integration with Google Maps, recurring events support, and more could be added easily. Nice color schemes can be designed into the applications. The Pro version can let you create multiple calendar instances per page. In fact, the planner can have quite a bit of customized look & feel. The basic views available for the planner is available in per day view, weekly view, monthly view or agenda based view. Grid or cascade view also can be set up.

Multiple day views and multiple resources views are possible. One could have multiple calendars per page. When required mini calendars can be accessed. You would be able to mark and block time spans on the calendar. Time scale could be customized. Highlight painters could be used and events could be created on click. Several skins are available which are designated as Terrace, Modern, and Glossy. The tool is integrated with jQuery and Backbone.js and Google Maps. Data could be exported in multipage PDF or iCal formats. For integration with mobile apps, this tool has touch screen support built in. It is possible to create repeated events. Event filtering is available to make for better comprehension. Tooltips help when user is getting familiarized with the tool initially. The application has localized versions in more than a dozen languages. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

JavaPlanner is an Ajax-powered web calendar control for Java. It allows creating rich-featured attractive Outlook-like event and booking calendars, time planners, job schedulers and task managers in Java. It is available as a Java standalone application or can be embedded in any Java web applications. The calendar control uses JSP technology and can be integrated with Grails, Struts and Spring MVC Frameworks. JavaPlanner is highly customizable and provides an easily navigable UI optimized for touch screen devices (iOS, Android, Windows 8). It supports multiple views (day/week/month/year/agenda/units/timeline with a tree mode/grid/cascade, multi-day), repeated events, events filtering, calendar container auto-resizing, integration with Google Maps, multi-page export to PDF/iCal, highlighting, marking and blocking events, and more. Popup mini-calendar allows quick navigation through days, months and years. Tooltips can be added to display java event calendar details when you hover over an event. You can also customize calendar event boxes to meet your needs. JavaPlanner offers attractive skins: terrace, glossy and classic. To customize the colors of glossy and classic skins you can use an online skin builder.
The new release comes with the following updates: customizable time scales, limited events display in the month view, default skin changed to 'terrace', multi-day view updated with overnight events, fixed 'weekly' recurrence pattern, improved data saving process, integration with jQuery and Backbone.
The calendar control is localized to over 25 languages, including main West-European and East-Asian Languages.
DHTMLX JavaPlanner is distributed under GNU GPL v.3, Commercial and Enterprise licenses. Standard and PRO Editions are available. The Standard Edition is free for GPL-ed projects.
The PRO Edition allows you to create multiple calendar instances page. 30 day money back guarantee is available.
DHTMLX JavaPlanner
DHTMLX JavaPlanner
Version 1.5
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